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1. East Coast Supplemental Class

Take this class before you learn "East Coast. "Lyle will break down the grooves and steps in the piece. It'll get your body comfortable with those moves before putting them into choreography.

2. Workout Routine

Dance is both mental and physical – as you learn choreography, make sure your body can keep up with it! In this 12-minute workout class, Lyle will stretch you out, warm you up with some cardio, then lead a workout routine that targets the body parts you're gonna need most to do his pieces.

3. East Coast - A$AP Ferg | Choreography Class

This piece alludes to Lyle's earlier years dancing – big, full-out moves and hard hits. Challenge yourself to extend your range or motion and dance with power, while also usign your control to slow down in certain sections.

4. Brown Sugar Supplemental Class

Take this class before you learn "Brown Sugar." Trust, you'll be glad he explains and drills the footwork in the piece!

5. Brown Sugar | Choreography Class

Practice dancing with flair and maturity in this sexy RnB piece. You're going to execute sharp, swift choreography – especially the footwork. And it's such a fun song; be sure to fill in moments with freestyle and dashes of personality!

6. Origin of The Style Lecture

Grab your notebooks; there's a lot in here that you won't want to forget.Lyle gets deep and detailed about the ingredients that make up this piece: who inspired/influenced him, specific performance notes, and tips to help you execute the choreography.

7. 4Ever - Supplemental Class

Take this class before you learn "4Ever."Practice patterns of movements your body isn't used to yet, so you'll have a smoother time learning the choreography.

8. 4Ever | Choreography Class

After you listen to the lecture and take the Technique class, you'll be ready to take on this piece! 4Ever is super feel-good and groovy, but the combos are technical, so be sure to drill. Lyle says the 3 focuses of this class are "flow, style, and footwork."


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